If you look at the date, you will notice I fell off the band wagon right away. I didn’t even make it past day one. Talk about commitment issues! Being that it’s a new month, I’m giving it another go. I thought this would be a good time to share a few reasons why I blog in the first place.

#1- to unleash my passion to write
#2- to share my journey of faith
#3- to be a light in this dark world

I don’t want to blog just to blog, so over the next 30 days, I plan to share more of my story.

Everyone has a story and NOT ONE is without pain. Even Jesus, who was perfect, who is perfect, had to endure pain as He suffered for me, for you, for this entire broken world. His story matters, my story matters, your story matters. If it didn’t matter, then He wouldn’t have died for me or for you.

Here’s the beautiful thing, as long as you are able to breathe, your story is still being written. Even if you are paralyzed by fear, in the midst of heartache or failure, there is still hope for you, for your story. . . your perfectly chaotic, uniquely messed-up, beautiful story.

EDIT: I wrote sporadically over the next month, but took the posts down to organize into a chapter of a book. Eventually, I’ll put them back but in a way that is easier to read.