Comfort is not God’s primary objective for your life.

I heard those words in church today. As strange as it may sound, it gave me hope. Honestly, I’m a little uncomfortable with the ways things are going for me on the daily. I admitted my discontentment and longing to a few others recently, and it wasn’t easy.

One of my fears in being vulnerable is being misunderstood.

That’s the one thing I’m really trying to walk away from–not vulnerability, but approval from others. I think that’s where my uncomfortable-ness lies.

As a recovering perfectionist, I still spend too much time second-guessing what others want from me and it can send me into a tail spin. Today’s message reminded me of how much I only want approval from God.

Sometimes when I struggle, I wonder what God might be teaching me. Right now in this season, I think He is teaching me to #1 seek HIS approval only #2 to stay persistent and #3 to let go of expectations, of myself and others.

God can handle me and my struggles. He can handle yours too!