I rarely ever set my alarm. It’s kind of a dangerous thing, especially when I stay up too late and have to work in the morning. I haven’t been going to bed on time and it’s kinda turning me into a walking zombie. Here we go on this late thing. I didn’t realize how much of a problem it actually was. I haven’t been paying much attention to it. Maybe that’s because I keep telling myself, I will fix this. I’ll do better next time.

I failed to admit a few things last night because it really makes me look like a flake of a mom but whatever. It is what it is. So last week, I was late to my son’s cross country meet. I figured I had a little extra time because the girls run first. Well the girls didn’t run first. The boys did. I missed it. On Saturday, I was late to my daughter’s soccer game. I waited until the last minute to leave and got stuck in traffic.

The good thing about admitting these things is I’m becoming more aware. And who knows, maybe there is someone out there that also needs to break this ugly habit. It gets worse, this morning I woke up but fell back asleep and opened my eyes at 8:02 am. Oh Lord, have mercy! I was supposed to leave at 8:10 ish. Somehow I managed to leave at 8:20, but I was late. What the heck is my problem? I’m tired, that’s what.

I’m in a season of not taking very good care of myself and am running myself ragged. It doesn’t seem to add up though. I struggle with that whole striving thing and yet, I am running late all the time. Anyway, I’m done blabbing about it. I’m trying to imagine what YOU, the reader, might be thinking. I would be thinking, Dude, get your shiz together. It’s not that hard. Get a frickin watch. Leave on time. The End.

I don’t think I would surprise too many people by saying I have a problem with tardiness. Most of you already know. I am late to the gym (when I had my membership), late to church (although not this past weekend!), late to meetings, late to parties, late to get gifts for parties, late to RSVP, etc. If I don’t get a handle on this late thing, I might be late to my own funeral. The end is getting closer everyday.

After tonight I am done talking about my procrastination problem, except when I tell you how much I have improved. The good thing is I am becoming more aware of it. Plus, I have so many better things to talk about… like my daughter who just got married last month or my husband and I making it to fifteen years. Plus, I need to figure out what to do for my birthday. I might need some help. Only 8 days away.

I apologize for the annoying post tonight. At least I didn’t get all preachy like I did last night, but I am so over this topic. I am leaving you with a link to a video for your enjoyment. My daughter brought it to my attention on Facebook by tagging me in a comment. I’m glad we can laugh about it at least. It is a pretty accurate picture of what I am like in the morning. I think I might actually set my alarm tonight.

The End.


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