Pushin’ It Real Good

Well Hello. It’s been awhile. The last five months have been filled with excitement and frustration and clarity and confusion and celebration and ima-gonna-just-hafta-go-through-the-motions-what-am-i-even-doin-so-help-me-Jesus-loves-me-this-i-know. I could definitely use some BALANCE in my life, but unfortunately it’s just not in my DNA.

So I’m trying something different by coming up with a new daily routine. It goes like this: Get up at 6 AM. The End. What am I going to do with an extra 60-90 minutes each day? I have one answer for that. Probably not the same thing. Why? Because–just like balance, routine is not a part of my genetic make up.

As a kid, I never liked routine. I didn’t like doing the same thing over again like, for instance, going to school.  I loved the flexibility of summertime and even the idea of being a gymnast. I remember one summer my dad made a balance beam for my sisters and me so we could make up our own routines.

My sisters were good at that. One kept at it and even competed in high school. I, on the other hand, used that thing as a prop for an obstacle course in our front yard instead. One of my sisters would start the timer and I’d run across the top of it, hop off one end, zigzag through orange cones, throw my legs over some saw horses, climb on and off the tire swing and race to the finish.

Balance. Routine. Nope. It was all about competition–faster pace, quicker speed, more ground, more obstacles, new challenges. 

Bring. It. On. I think that’s why I’m prone to watching competitive sports and participating in fry-your-brain-and-write-for-31-days challenges and my latest, get yo’ arse out of bed before 6 AM because honestly, I’m tired of rushing around. I need some awake downtime <–<< is that even a thing?

At the first of the month, I began this new non-routine routine. Maybe you’ve seen my posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I apologize for that, but somehow it forces me to do what I set out to do and because Hello. My name is Julianne and I am not a morning person. That’s where you late-nighters say, “Hiiii Julianne” or you early birders say, “I walk my dog ev’ry dang day at 5 AM” and I’m thinkin’ dang I don’t even like to open the door a crack for my dog to go out and take care of bizness. 

I’ve been having a hard time taking care of my own kind of business. No, not that kind, but the kind it takes to do all the responsible household things. Between that and mommin’ and marriage and stepping into ministry, my daily life is missing out on the one thing that needs cared for the most, my soul.

I need more time to take care of my self and my soul, so I can invest my time in all the things and so I’m pushing myself to become a morning person. I’m pushing it. I’m pushin’ it real good. 

There’s a few of you out there who are doing this #icando6amtoo with me. Maybe we will start a movement. Ha! I could us more movement in my life and not the rushing around kind. I’ve got a few mountains to climb and I can’t tackle the terrain alone. I NEED God.

It’s not easy to push myself, whether it’s getting up a little earlier in the morning or doing something entirely out of my comfort zone. Sometimes life pushes back. Sometimes people push back. Maybe your own circumstances have you feeling knocked down or setback. If that’s you right now, just keep pushin’ it, keep pushin’ it real good. You got this.