The October Writing Challenge is BAAACK! I told myself I would prepare ahead of time so it wouldn’t be as miserable to come up with a blog post every single day. But since it is called a challenge, I might as well keep it that way. For this year anyhow. Next year I am going to be prepared. #goalsYou can find all the links to future posts here so feel free to bookmark this page. I hope you enjoy following along and find some encouragement along the way!

Day 1: Still Keepin’ it Real

Day 2: How Many Times Should We Forgive?

Day 3: Where Hope is Found

Day 4: All the Things

Day 5: Short + Sweet

Day 6: When the Truth is Messy

Day 10: My Need for Prayer

Well, this is as far as I made it this year! Here’s to next year!