So far this month I’ve learned that I really can do 6 AM too. I was hoping by now I could say this girl is on fire, but it’s not so much the truth. Okay, so let’s do a recap. These are the days I’ve been successful in my little #icando6amtoo challenge: March 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 12th, 13th, 14th and 16th.

If you read my first post on Facebook. Here were the rules.

  1. I can sleep in on the weekends
  2. I get one free pass (used it on 3/15)

If you do the math, that works out to be 21 days of getting up early for the month of March. And so far, I’ve put in TWELVE whole days, but I have a confession to make. These last three days have been an epic fail. On Monday, I got up at 8 AM (had to be at work by 8:20 NBD). On Tuesday, I got up at 7:15 AM (got to work by 8 phew) and today I slept until 6:55 AM as I had to drive my son to school.

BUT I’m still looking at the bright side.

The bright side is this: I’m not giving up! And guess what!? I’m still in it. If I get up at 6 AM for nine out of the next ten days, I will make my 21 days. I already know I’m a little cray (so you don’t have to say it), but I need a little competition with myself to make this successful.

Plus, if I tell YOU I am going to do this, somehow it might work. And then THEN, I might be able to start a little challenge group for April and help us BOTH to become morning people … not so we can DO all the things, but so we can find time to just BE.

As a person consumed with busyness, I’m still working on being okay in the silent. 

My hope is to move away from the hurried, frantic life that I’m used to. Are you used to that too? I’m starting to realize that sleeping in gives me a false sense of rest. It’s not the kind of rest I’m craving because honestly, I’m tired. I’m tired of feeling tired all the time.

Getting that extra one or two hours of sleep in the morning is not the kind of rest my body, soul and my mind needs. I need the kind of rest I find when I’m actually awake and present. I shared before that I’m reading a book called Present Over Perfect: leaving behind frantic for a simpler, more soulful way of living. The author doesn’t mention anything about waking up early, but it’s what I KNOW I need.

She does say this though:

So I ran and ran and talked and talked and spun circles around my life, avoiding that emptiness. What I find now, though, is that the stillness is where I feel safe and grounded, and that the frantic living spins me away from myself, from my center, from my new and very precious awareness of how deeply I’m loved. I return to the silence to return to love.

It hasn’t been easy for me to get up early and sit in silence. I tend to talk to Alexa more than anything. “Alexa, turn on the lamps.” “Alexa, play Kim Walker-Smith Radio on Pandora.” “Alexa, turn up the volume.” “Alexa, turn down the volume.” “Alexa, skip this song.”

I also tend to turn to Instagram or Facebook. Hello world. I’m up. Are you proud of me? Part of that is the accountability to get up. So you’ll probably still see my morning coffee cup with a neon “Good Morning” because, well, it helps a little. Some mornings I read a little and some mornings I write a little.

I’m still learning to listen a little … to myself and to God.