HELLO Day 11 and hello to you too. If only I had something good to say. I am at a loss for words tonight. It’s tough to do this blogging thing everyday. I usually don’t write a post unless I have something pressing to say. I hate to publish another useless blog post, especially since it goes straight to some of your inboxes. Sorry guys! I don’t have much to say (which is good! because I’m tired!) No spiritual lesson. No deep confessions. Okay maybe one…

I did not set my alarm last night, but I can’t remember, did I say I was going to? I didn’t go back to read yesterday’s post–because if given the chance, I will edit the heck out of it. I do remember saying I wouldn’t mention my late issues unless it had to do with improvement. Sooo I guess I’m not going to go there. Actually, I did okay today! <She might be lying. Well, I did make it to my Tuesday Morning Moms Group before it officially started so that’s good, but I was hurried. Breakfast, no. Shower, yes!

I was slowed down a bit since I was looking for some clean, uh, clothes to wear. I eventually got dressed, grabbed my book and my purse and ran out the door. I’m always running out the door. I am going to make it a point to WALK out the door from now on. No running allowed. I should make myself a sign or put a book on my head. I am too used to rushing around. If only I could slow myself down. H o w  a b o u t  I  s l o w  m y  t y p i n g  d o w n  t o o? Yeah, no, it’s not working for me either. Oh my, this is useless.

I am totally gearing myself up for some unsubscribe requests. At least give me until the end of the month year. Okay, moving on…

So this morning when I got to church, I sat down at my table group to join in on a little small talk before discussing this book we are reading, and yes I am reading it. I took off my coat and set down my purse. And then I said it. The words just came flyin’ out of my mouth. Like my brain didn’t even think them first. Instead of saying, oh I don’t know, how are ya’ll doing today? Out came, I’m not wearing any underwear.

The girls at my table just laughed. A few minutes later, our table leader got up to welcome the other table groups and to remind everyone that anything shared stays in their groups. I gave her a little tug and said, oh good-remember that. She was like what? You wanna share? So I thought what the heck and made my announcement. It became way too quiet for fifty some ladies in the room. So yeah, that happened.

But I nailed it as a wife and mom today guys. Tuesday tacos were total bomb. Apple Crisp-even bomber. I deep cleaned my kitchen, scrubbed the bathroom, mopped floors, vacuumed carpets and filled our drawers with clean underwear. But the best thing about my day was saying yes! to my daughter when she asked if I would watch The Lego Movie with her. “Doing” is rewarding, but “Being” is even better.

If only I could be a morning person like Chris Pratt, I mean Emmet the lego guy, then maybe I could give God more of my time. I’m workin’ on that you guys… but you gotta love the daily instruction book in this opening scene because all those things are just so important.

FYI Birthday is in one week. Please send underwear.

write-31-days*This is Day 11 of a 31-day series on writing naked. You can find the series in its entirety HERE.

This does not involve the removal of actual clothing. So please! keep them on!

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