Day 20: Her God and King

I need a good night’s sleep. Rather than digging deep and trying to come up with something good to say, I am sharing another poem. I wrote this one about ten years ago. It’s about seeking guidance, wisdom and discernment. It is a good reminder for me to trust God, maybe it is a good reminder for you too! Am I cheating on this 31-day writing thing? Maybe, maybe not. I still got another ten days. Next, I plan to write about insecurity <an absolute favorite topic of mine. Bravery too. So stay tuned.


She stands before her God and King, desiring to serve Him with her everything.

She bows before Him, a humble servant, asking for guidance, wisdom and discernment.

“Guidance,” He whispers, you already have. Just stay right beside me and follow my path.

This road will get rocky, your feet may get sore. I’ll be taking you places I’ve never shown you before.

You will be tempted to swerve; to the right, then the left. Trust that I am leading the way that is best.

My child listen closely. You must not lose heart! For never will I leave you and never will I part.

Wisdom you ask? You’ll be pleasantly surprised. It will come when you least expect it to arrive.

Wisdom is something that takes time to gain although growing in wisdom isn’t hard to obtain.

Patience I’ll grant you in times of great yearning. I’ll give you a heart of careful discerning.

With her head bowed before him, her eyes wrinkled tight, he gazed on his child with great joy and delight.

“Oh daughter of mine, your prayers have been heard. Keep trusting in me and remain in my word.”

She opened her eyes and was moved to sing praises to her God and her King, the rock of all ages.

write-31-daysThis is Day 20 of a 31-day series on writing naked. You can find the series in its entirety HERE.

This does not involve the removal of actual clothing. So please! keep them on!

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