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What is Love?

This weekend my husband and I attended a marriage conference led by Paul David Tripp. I highly recommend reading ANY of his books, and wow, he has a LOT. His teaching is refreshing and simple and yet so profound. Plus, the guy has good style for a 66-year-old man. #justsayin

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Other Days

Last summer, my husband and I put on a new roof. We began in May and finished around this time. It was a long, hot summer. Most days, we worked well together. He’d cut the pieces and lay them out while I lined them up and nailed them down. On the other days, I’d set the nail gun down and go inside.

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I Still Do

Our two youngest are with Grammy and Grampy this weekend which means we can do whatever we want, whenever we want. We can go see a movie at the last minute, fill up on ice cream and popcorn in the same night and mosey around Costco raiding all the samples with no intention of purchasing a 24-pack of kielbasas, organic hummus or pasta prima spinach chicken ravioli. It also happens to be our anniversary weekend. We are celebrating fourteen years on Tuesday.

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