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My Need for Prayer

Well, I just took three whole days off. I thought ah, that’s okay, what’s one day? Then two days passed and I thought, Well maybe I’ll just take the weekends off. Then, yesterday came and went. Suddenly it’s October 10th. I think my last post on truth took a lot out of me.

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When the Truth is Messy

In May, I had a decision to make. I could tell the truth or continue to hide it. I finally did the right thing and chose to be honest. Mostly because it’s not the kind of person I want to be. Before I get into THAT, Let me back up a bit. About 4+ years ago, I started seeing a mental health professional. I don’t love admitting that but it’s the truth and sometimes the truth is messy.

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Day 30: Brave

It’s Day 30. I can’t believe this thing is almost over. I came across this little saying recently and it made me laugh. “Never tell your problems to anyone-20% don’t care and the other 80% are glad you have them.” This could very well be true, but it doesn’t stop me from sharing my life-the good, the bad and the ugly. If anything, I’ve learned a lot about myself over these last 30 days.

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