Denial. Anger. If Only. Depression. Acceptance.

Just a few days after the Seahawks took a devastating loss to the New England Patriots, the stages of grief didn’t take long to kick in. As soon as Butler made the interception, Seattleites were shocked, myself included.

This did not happen. What just happened? Why? How? Is this real? Not much longer and anger started to set in, then quick to follow: If only, if only the ball was handed off to Marshawn we could have won, we would have won. We should have won!!


It might just take some time for me to reach the acceptance stage.

Talk radio has done enough hashing and rehashing these last few days so to go on about why the Seahawks SHOULD HAVE HANDED THE BALL OFF TO LYNCH SO HE COULD RUN IT IN FOR A TOUCHDOWN is not going to help. Or will it? I can’t accept it. I won’t. It’s not fair! In case you can’t tell, I’m bummed, really bummed. But I have to think rationally for just a moment. Last week we witnessed a miracle of a game. A miracle! Sometimes humility really sucks.