Let’s Talk About Boundaries

I was about 25 when I first learned the concept of boundaries. It was after reading the book Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. But I didn't make it much further than awareness. I didn't know how to apply boundaries to my life. As a child, I learned other strategies to keep myself safe by hiding my feelings, trying hard to just be good and people-pleasing.

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God’s Lead

Recently, a friend texted me out of the blue, an image of the verse below. It was from John 14 and said, "I am leaving you with a gift-peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don't be troubled or afraid." The timing was crazy because my bible was open to John Chapter 14 right then and there.

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The Gift of Peace

I once made an attempt to remind my little corner of the world what unity looked like because it seemed we had forgotten. I wrote a post called Good + Right when the political climate was heated. It wasn't a political post, it was mostly about the heart of God. And here I am finding myself writing another post, a few years later, this time about the human heart.

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A Step Back

My blog has been like a dry dessert for a good long while, but I'm ready to start writing again. Part of it might have to do with a recent life change. I made the decision to leave my job last week which was one of the hardest decision I've ever had to make. I was a coordinator for a teen mom ministry, but my resignation had nothing to do with my teen mama friends.

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The Short on Longing

Comfort is not God’s primary objective for your life.

I heard those words in church today. As strange as it may sound, it gave me hope. Honestly, I’m a little uncomfortable with the ways things are going for me on the daily. I admitted my discontentment and longing to a few others recently, and it wasn’t easy.

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PSA: Don’t Run Alone

Last night I got out my old Runner’s World Magazines to search for a 6-week plan to train for a 5k. I found one from April of 2010 and let me just say, it is NOT a couch to 5k training plan. It looks a little intense in preparation for a 3.1 mile run, but I thought I’d do my best to follow it anyway.

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So I’m starting this 12-day writing challenge. The first prompt is the word “word” and I don’t have much of anything to say so my title is going to be just that. I’m only going to be able to write a few sentences because I am exhausted. Maybe that will be the word-exhausted.

Well I got my word so I will just leave it at that. Hopefully tomorrow’s post won’t be as pathetic as this one. Good-night.

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What Does Help

Last Sunday, I sat in church and listened to a message about anxiety and depression. The guest pastor said please don’t tell someone they just need to trust God more. He added, it might make someone want to punch you in the face. Like I said, those comments don’t typically help, but today I want to talk about what does help!

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Father Forgive Them

I’ve read a lot of articles lately on how “the church” or Christians need to stop adding to the stigma of depression, anxiety, PTSD and bipolar disorder. I happen to agree. I also happen to believe “the church” is made up of flawed humans just like you and me. And those flawed humans (myself included) ought to be forgiven because they know not what they say and do.

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