31-Day Challenge

I am participating in a challenge to write 31 days for the month of October. I am totally stepping outside of my comfort zone, but will be taking it a step further by writing um, naked for 31.days.straight. I gotta find somethin’ crazy to do in honor of my 40th birthday. #whateverittakes


Well HELLO there! I’m so glad you’re here! I hate to ruin the fun, but might as well tell you I’m not actually going to be writing naked. At least, not that kind of naked.

You can stop holding your breath now. I hope that was a big sigh of relief and not one out of disappointment. To the sigh-of-relief-folks, I can explain. As for the disappointed ones, curiosity killed the cat ya’ know. But not to worry, I’m pretty sure you are still human.

Guess what!? I am too.

Over these next 31 days, I am going to bare more of my humanness.

There is a good chance this 31-day challenge might cause me to crack. I may end up seriously discouraged by the time mid-October rolls around. I don’t have the best track record when it comes to that time of the month. And no, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about my birthday, duh!

This year is THE BIG ONE. I don’t plan on losing my shiz, I mean my sight of hope, but in case I do, that’s where you come in. I made a list of five ways you can help because, clearly, I need it. #40iscomin

  • My goal is to encourage readers, that means YOU. I’m gonna need some of that too. So if you can relate to any of my posts, I’d love to hear about it. #interactioniskey
  • Make comments but please! be kind [author doubles as moderator]. Help me not to feel cray and join in on the conversation! #helptoavoidthesnap
  • My insecure self appreciates likes and loves and occasional hahas. Just make sure I’m laughing too. I’m a work in progress when it comes to such frivolous things.
  • Feel free to use the share button. It will be much easier for you. The purpose in sharing is to connect. #toreminduswearenotalone
  • Oh and this one! Pray for me. I don’t like to be naked!

If you don’t mind the mess, please make yourself at home. I hope you will be encouraged (un poquito entertained). I plan to share more of me and my imperfect self, which means a sense of humor is mandatory—at the right times of course. And yep! I’m considering this post Day 1.

I will be including links to all 31 days in this space for easy access so check back often!

Day 2: Gonna Be Awesome

Day 3: My Imperfect Self

Day 4: Move On

Day 5: I am a Blue Jay

Day 6: No post. Day 7 explains why.

Day 7: Hit A Wall

Day 8: Slow Down

Day 9: Strong Enough

Day 10: The End

Day 11: If Only

Day 12: Something

Day 13: Today

Day 14: My Favorite Things

Day 15: Rescue Me

Day 16: Set Me Free

Day 17: Overcomer

Day 18: Not so Fabulous

Day 19: The Voice

Day 20: Her God & King

Day 21: Heaven Help Me

Day 22: Lucky Me

Day 23: Me Neither

Day 24: True Self

Day 25: Validate Me

Day 26: No Ordinary Man

Day 27: This Is Us

Day 28: Details

Day 29: Not a Problem

Day 30: Brave

Day 31: Done Deal