I am good at jumping on band wagons. Falling off? Also good.

Today marks the beginning of a 31-day challenge and thank God it has nothing to do with food. I can get through anything that allows for a little stress eating. There’s nothing a little chocolate and peanut butter can’t cure, and pizza, and wine, and grilled cheese sandwiches. You get the picture.

This fall, I signed up for an online course to become a better blogger put on by a blogging expert. He challenged his Clumsy Bloggers to write every day for the month of October. Well, here goes nuthin.

I might as well confess, this isn’t actually Day 1 like my post title indicates. It is day three. I have some catching up to do. No better time than to start at 2:15 am. Well crap, now it’s day four. Usually, when I have something to blog about, I am either in the shower or driving down the road. Neither are ideal for blogging, but I do it anyway. That is, in my head.

So many times, my thoughts never make it here. This week, I came up with three blog posts in one day. The first was about the lunar eclipse. I will spare you the details (I can’t even remember), but let me tell you something. At just the right time, (much like the earth, moon and sun), your messed-up situation will someday work itself out. Everything will come into alignment and it will be beautiful.

I know, such insight. You’re welcome.

That same morning, while driving down the road, I had limited visibility. I could not see past the car in front of me. I found it ironic. It seems most of the time, it is unclear what is in store for us down the road. I felt inspired to share, but again, it never came about. Another blog post about navigating through life gone to waste. Although maybe that is good. Sometimes I can be so cliche.

It was a foggy morning. Brilliant, huh?

Whenever I don’t have kids in my backseat, I actually get to think. Sometimes I try to answer my own questions. #notcrazy Here were just a few swirling around. Am I not in charge of my life? Doesn’t God just give us the keys while we do the steering? That’s what free will is all about, isn’t it? I’m in control of this vehicle. It’s not like I can just let go and expect God to take over. I will inevitably crash. I get to choose where to go. I could dodge my appointment if I wanted to.

I overthink things. It’s what I do. But seriously, am I supposed to ask Jesus to take the wheel just like Carrie Underwood did? Over and over again. Real questions, real thoughts.

And then I got my answer.

My mind was quickly interrupted by the realization that traffic was at a near standstill. I was seconds away from slamming my Tahoe into the car in front of me. I swerved into the carpool lane without looking and it took some time to regain control. Holy shiz, what just happened? Thank God there was no one in that lane. He may have given me the keys, but it doesn’t mean I have it all under control. I still need to look to Him for guidance when things aren’t aligning quite right, when I can’t see what’s up ahead and when my life feels out of control.