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Never Give Up

Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble and keep on praying. Romans 12:12

Leave it to Russell Wilson to show the world what it means to have confident hope. He is patient in trouble (i.e. turnovers and sacks) and as we all know, a praying man.

He isn’t shy about kneeling in prayer before and after the game. And most likely during too, whether he is in the pocket or standing on the sidelines.Even if you aren’t likely to converse with the man upstairs, if you are a 12, I am willing to bet you called out to Jesus more than once for the Hawks to turn this game around. And thanks be to God, they did.

Let’s revisit those last few minutes. The Hawks closed the gap from 7-19 to 14-19 with a fake field-goal touchdown, not long before the two-minute warning. It would take an onside kick in their favor, another touchdown to pull ahead and to be safe, a two-point conversion. In other words, a miracle. Hawks pulled through with that onside kick and just about every 12th man went crazy! Facebook and twitter feeds blew up as soon as the Beast ran the ball into the end zone-a little too slow than my heart could handle and likely costing him another ten grand for his lovely new antic. Hawks on top at 20-19!

But it wasn’t over yet.

That two-point conversion? Check! Packers needed a sack, but let Wilson put it in the bag! Now up by three, 22-19 but with time left on the clock. Those yellow and green guys just might have been celebrating one quarter too early, but tied it up at 22-22; this surreal game would be headed into overtime. A flip of the coin and thanks be to God again, it wasn’t tails. Wilson’s confident hope sends the Hawks downfield and eventually into the end zone where the Kearse was broken. Hawks walk away with another win and are headed to the Super Bowl!

Can anyone tell me what just happened?

God works in mysterious ways. Don’t get me wrong, in no way am I saying we won this game because the God of the universe wants the Seattle Seahawks to play in the Super Bowl, although this chapter and verse might say otherwise. Just sayin’! Romans 12:12 will forever remind me of Sunday’s NFC Championship game because with the way my life is being played out right now, hope is not easy to hang onto and patience, it’s just not in my blood, but I will keep on praying and will never give up! So thank you to the Comeback Hawks and to Russell Wilson for being a perfect example.

God is good! All the time!