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When the Truth is Messy

In May, I had a decision to make. I could tell the truth or continue to hide it. I finally did the right thing and chose to be honest. Mostly because it’s not the kind of person I want to be. Before I get into THAT, Let me back up a bit. About 4+ years ago, I started seeing a mental health professional. I don’t love admitting that but it’s the truth and sometimes the truth is messy.

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Short + Sweet

Hello. I have less than five minutes to write today’s post as it is almost midnight. This is going to be short and sweet. Yay for you!

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All the Things

Hello Day 4. I am suddenly remembering how hard it is to do this writing challenge.

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Where Hope is Found

Hello! It’s only Day 3 and I had to go back to Day 1 to remind myself what I said I would write about. Maybe my theme this year should have been wingin’ it because that is pretty much what I’m doing!

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How Many Times Should We Forgive?

Today I feel compelled to write about forgiveness. I know, somehow I have to relate that to time. Like I said yesterday, I didn’t plan out what I would write about over these next thirty days.

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Still Keepin’ It Real

Last year’s challenge was all about Writing Naked but this year I thought I’d focus on something different. I still plan on keepin’ it real but will be exploring another topic.

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October Writing Challenge

The October Writing Challenge is BAAACK! I told myself I would prepare ahead of time so it wouldn’t be as miserable to come up with a blog post every single day. But since it is called a challenge, I might as well keep it that way. For this year anyhow. Next year I am going to be prepared. #goals Read more

Stand Firm

Stand Firm. That’s become my mantra this year. It started around springtime when I was reading my bible and came across these words highlighted in blue. It said: “If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.” Julianne, stand firm. God continues to tell me this. Okay, I say. I’m doing it. I’m standing firm. By the way, what do you mean? Stand firm? Stand Firm.

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How Do I Find Rest?

One morning at YoungLives Camp, I made my way over to the Orchard Inn. It was where I led a small team of nannies who would help care for eleven adorable and very busy toddlers. I wanted to make sure our group was fully prepared so instead of walking, I began to run. Something in my spirit told me there was no need to run. I sat on a nearby bench to pray.

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Run To God

Yesterday I wrote about how I used to be a runner. Today, in church, I learned I am still a runner. That is, figuratively speaking. As humans, we are always running, either toward or away from something. I like to think I’m running toward God’s plan for my life and not away from it, but it’s not always true.

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